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Meet little Ollie O'clock!

He's a sweet, cake-loving monster who is learning how to tell the time….as long as it involves lots of pieces of cake!

This book is a great introduction to the rather complicated topic of learning how to tell the time on analogue clocks.

The carefully thought-out colour scheme helps children to remember the various aspects of telling the time. Ollie has come up with 12 different pictures to simplify telling the time, by chunking the minutes into segments and by showing the hours as a number-line wrapped around the clock face. This then helps children put the information into a 'time sentence'.

The 12 different clock faces are printed at the back of the book for you to cut out and use. There is also a certificate to cut out and keep, and a craft page so you can make your own clock to help with learning!

This book has been designed to appeal to a range of learning styles, and to be dyslexia and dyscalculia friendly.

Ollie O'clock

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